Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Today's Gross Reality: Growth Strategies – Territory Planning and Execution w/ Carlos Quintero

Be sure to check out Steve Gross' Gross Reality radio show LIVE on America's Web Radio today at 5! Today's guest is Carlos Quintero, Author of Catalyst5: Making the Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Leader and Founder of Sales Effectiveness, Inc, an Atlanta-based firm that focuses solely on helping Senior Executives drive excellence and accelerated growth for their sales forces.

This is the second installment of his sales effectiveness series – "Growth Strategies / Territory Planning and Execution." Carlos will be a recurrent guest to provide listeners with insights around the essential topics of sales effectiveness to help them bridge through similar issues at their firms.

Click here to find show notes and more information on Gross Reality. Podcasts of Gross Reality are available for download at iTunes...listen to Gross Reality on your iPhone, iPod, or desktop!

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