Monday, March 22, 2010

Gross Reality's Mar 17 Show w/ Ric Reitz: Film Tax Credits in Georgia

On the March 17th broadcast (below) of "Gross Reality," Steve Gross discussed Film Tax Credits in Georgia with Ric Reitz, managing partner of Georgia Film Credit Consultants, LLC.

Steve Gross is the executive director of Business Builders Team and a founding partner of HLB Member HLB Gross Collins. His radio show is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals survive and prosper in good & bad economic times. Steve opens every show with the theme of "the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly," a platform for the latest economic news.

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Ric Reitz is a past president of the Georgia Production Partnership as well as one of the key architects in the development of Georgia’s current entertainment tax incentive law. This law directly affects both the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office’s business plan through the year 2020.

Ric is also a professional actor, writer, composer, director and producer who has been active in show business for 32 years. He has appeared in over 100 national television shows, feature films and stage productions, plus more than 1000 commercials and corporate presentations. He is also president of Ric Reitz Writers, Inc., a 27-time international award-winning writing company, and Sir Fir Books & Music, an award-winning children’s book and music entertainment publishing company.

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